Make Your Impression

First impressions are important!  An inviting and comfortable reception area makes the right first impression and sets the right tone for your school.  From simple to stunning, Collins can provide your school with a professional and inviting space to welcome clients and manage bookings plus offer a relaxing area to wait and browse your selection of retail products.  Even in cosmetology and barber schools, it is important to consider your retail space and ensure you have the proper solution for your goals - let us help if you have more questions about this!  

The furnishings pictured here are just a few basic designs of the reception desks, retail displays, and waiting area chairs that are available from Collins.  Like all furnishings and equipment from Collins, keep in mind that all items can be customized to fit your needs or we can build your architect/designers design, or you can work with a Collins designer to build a completely custom retail and reception solution.