From Concept to Reality

A specific school’s location, plans, strategies, or preferences can result in the need for specially-designed cabinets and fixtures to meet specific needs.  Collins has many times demonstrated the ability to develop and supply those specially-designed pieces, and enabled the school to make those plans and strategies become a reality.   This proven capability is one of the traits that differentiates Collins from the competition.   

Collins knows from experience that these projects require attention to details.   After the planning is done and the order is placed, the company submits engineering drawings that detail the sizes, dimensions, features, and finishes on every custom fixture, and frequently all fixtures.  This final customer review and approval gives all the involved parties assurance that the new equipment will be as planned and expected.  This procedure and these detailed drawings also give your contractor a preview of what is to be installed which often saves on plumbing, electrical, and installation costs.

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