Clinic Equipment & Layout

Clinic Equipment & Layout

Although the reception area of your school provides the first impression to your prospective students and clients, the clinic is the center of activity for your students and their hands-on training.  Collins offerings for the clinic portion of your school can  help you easily fit out this critical space without reinventing the wheel.  Each item shown in the next section of the catalog is designed specifically for use in the clinic space of both public and private cosmetology schools and offer highly durable, functional, and stylish solutions for common layouts, designs, and opportunities found in the cosmetology setting.   Design, style, and function play a critical role in the success of your cosmetology program, the caliber of students you attract, and the overall learning experience for your students.  Each of these components to your school equipment layout and selection help motivate your students and  provide them the best opportunity to succeed and maximize their learning experience.  

The Clinic section of the catalog is layed out to address solutions for each working section of the clinic floor in your school.  Beginning with the seating section and working your way through clinic floor stations, shampoo solutions, drying and processing products, manicure and pedicure services, color and consultation bars, dispensary cabinetry, and wrapping up the section on  solutions for the barbering clinic.  Below you will find details of the products shown over the next 28 pages with a description of how we address the brutal environment and heavy use and abuse that equipment is put through in cosmetology schools on a daily basis.

Collins seating solutions offer the highest grade of materials available to manufacture stylish, functional, affordable, and durable  seating for the clinic floor.  With five models of standard construction seating solutions offering industrial grade ¾+” framing materials, dense foam for long lasting comfort and appearance, 37 ounce institutional grade upholstery, steel or molded urethane arms, large heavy duty hydraulic options, high grade casters, and long lasting mechanisms, you have ample selections to choose from.  And if that is not good enough for your environment, we also offer our Veeco brand All-Steel chair that is indestructible. 

To go along with the seating selection, Collins also offers a few premier school options.  First, the Collins simulator provides the best opportunity for your student to practice in a clinic / salon environment but before they’re ready for live clients.  The simulator bolts to the back of the clinic chair and allows for the mannequin head to be clamped in exactly the same location as a live client providing for the most realistic training scenario.  Second, Collins offers the Education sized anti-fatigue mat - perfectly sized for the often tighter school layouts.

All of Collins cabinetry designed for the cosmetology setting is made of industrial grade substrate materials covered in High-Pressure Laminate - materials designed for the commercial institutional setting.  In high use areas, Collins uses industrial 270 degree hinges, heavy duty casters, premium locks, UL approved outlets, and premium grade steel tool holders.  Collins also offers solutions with all stainless steel.  Veeco brand all stainless steel clinic stations offer the most durable and functional option in the most demanding situations.  If all stainless isn’t in your budget, there are also plenty of solutions that offer stainless countertops providing protection for the highest wear portion of the station.

Shampooing services provide for one of the most important experiences in a salon, so it is critical that your students are trained on quality shampoo equipment with the most up to date options.  All of our shampoo options are UPC approved.  

Throughout each remaining section of the clinic floor equipment portion of the catalog, you will notice more details that provide for stylish and durable options for each area.  Stainless steel soaking basins in the pedicure solutions help prevent any problems with sanitation.  Other beneficial features include built in venting in select manicure tables, customizable color and dispensary cabinetry.   Finally, we have complete solutions for your barbering clinic, offering both wet and dry station options as well as quality barber-specific seating options containing all of the same high-grade raw materials.

When designing your clinic floor space, it is important to understand space planning basics and have proper information in front of you to ensure you maximize every square foot of your facility.  Our team has years of experience designing literally thousands of clinic floor spaces that can help you achieve maximum success and profitability.  Collins has and will make stations designed for any and all types of spaces; and although we do offer and often make stations that are designed for three, four, or six students, we know and understand that the majority of spaces achieve maximum utilization by simply sticking to back to back clinic stations.  Review the basic layout notes to the left for the same 600 square feet space, and it is clear that the simple back to back designs provide the most effective solution.  Contact a Collins designer today for help laying out your cosmetology school.


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