Clinic Shampoo Area

As mentioned in the clinic section foreword, the shampoo section is another critical part of your students’ training and future success.  It has been proven time and again that the client’s experience at the shampoo bowl is the number one talked about part of their experience - the part they’re most likely to remember and most likely to share with others.  It is imperative that your students are provided an opportunity to learn how to sidewash as well as backwash because they need to be successful regardless of the style of shampooing that their future employer provides their clients.  Below, you will see a couple of different shampoo area layouts.  The top layout shows what would be considered the traditional shampoo layout with bulkheads lining the wall and traditional sidewash shampoo bowls mounted to the face of those bulkheads.  In the second image, we offer a solution that provides for the exact same number of shampoo bowls in the same amount of space, but you’re able to incorporate two backwash shampoo stations along with the four traditional sidewash shampoo stations.  If you need help designing this space, feel free to reach out to a Collins design specialist today!