Plan For Success!

Collins has a staff with decades of experience in the specialized field of beauty and barber schools, salons, and spas.  Our designers and engineers are willing and able to assist you, your design team, your architect, and your contractor to maximize the potential of your space while developing a plan that stays within budget.  Collins’ efforts can include the following: 

(1) Identify the planned instructional activities, their scope and scale, and determine the general space and/or equipment requirements for each;

 (2) Define existing architectural details such as load-bearing walls, doors, windows, plumbing, and electric access; 

(3) Develop a space plan that meets your needs, complies with known work-space requirements, and that flows and functions properly;  

(4) Provide a detailed equipment list and layout that includes the planned equipment’s plumbing and electrical requirements;

(5) Develop special or customized pieces as may be required by the plan.

FOUNDATIONS are critical, and best laid by people with experience.  Let the cumulative experience of Collins work for you ... ask Collins to assist the design team for your school.