Ultimate Comfort with Collins

Ultimate Comfort with Collins

Hudson/Hawk Barbershop and Hammer & Nails Barbershop Told Us Why Chairs Are Key To The Barbershop Experience and Why Collins is Their Go-To For Maximum Comfort and Maximum Quality.

Written by BarberEvo

Hudson/Hawk Barber & Shop

Steven Lyle, Education Director for Hudson/Hawk told us all about his chairs - which model, what colors, and why he would buy again.

"Almost all of our shops are equipped with Collins 'Blacked-Out Cobalt Omega' barber chairs. A modern ode to a classic design with comfort in mind. Metal-tipped arms and towel holder add to the vintage design. The powder-coated cast-aluminum arms brings aesthetic and function."

"For us, it comes down to two things: functionality and guest experience. We wanted chairs that would deliver consistent performance for our barbers without compromise. We also wanted chairs that would deliver consistent comfort and elevate our guest's experiences."

"These chairs don't require huge muscles to maneuver when cutting. They pump up easily for taller barbers and they sit low naturally for shorter barbers. When you're doing 13+ services a day, ease of use is so important for barbers."

"The perfect chair is hard to come by, but Collins has made it very easy for us to confidently put these chairs in our locations. No matter which Hudson/Hawk you walk into, you can expect the same level of comfort with these chairs. It helps maintain the level of experience we strive to deliver with each and every guest we see."

The perfect chair is hard to come by, but Collins has made it very easy for us to confidently put these chairs in our locations.
- Steven Lyle

Hammer & Nails

The bespoke barbershop and make haven is a full-service luxury lounge offering everything from precision haircuts to rejuvenating face treatments and even a stout-infused pedicure experience.

With 20 locations already open, Hammer & Nails are expected to double in size in the coming year. . . Hammer & Nails has really hit on a successful concept.

CEO Aaron Meyers explained: "In every good story, there is a villain and the villain in this story is all these 'take a number' haircut shops that tell guys it's all about getting in and out as quick as possible. It's like they are promoting the message that they aren't worth taking time for themselves; that they aren't masculine if they take care of themselves."

One of the keys to getting men to sit in the chair and take pride in their grooming and appearance is through the right interior design - and most of all, the right barber chairs. In Hammer & Nails, the dark yet welcoming color scheme and wooden wall fixtures are strengthened by the majestic Cobalt Barber Chair by Collins. 

The Cobalt Barber Chair is a modern classic designed with the grooming client in mind. The powder-coated cast-aluminum arms create the perfect balance between aesthetics, form, and function.

All metal-to-metal construction of this chair ensures durability. The industrial design features top-of-the-line fixtures that not only make this chair a natural addition to the Hammer & Nails interior, but the most high-end experience for the clients.