Sleek & Sturdy Design with Collins and VolumeONE Salon

Sleek & Sturdy Design with Collins and VolumeONE Salon

Pensacola, Florida-based volumeone salon used collins furniture to bring life back to their shop after a hurricane submerged it in 10 inches of water. owner hurst butts knew they could rely on collins to deliver great quality furniture that is a durable as it is stylish.

Written by SalonEvo

Hurst told the story: “Thanks to the hurricane, we were having to go through an unplanned renovation amidst COVID, which as you can imagine, was hectic. We were worried about delivery, damages, and feared the communication would be patchy, so we had to trust whoever we ordered from to get our furniture here on time and in perfect condition.”

Who did they call for help? “Buying from Collins was a no-brainer.” Collins manufactures high-end equipment designed for your hair salon.

"All of our previous furniture was Collins and we had a positive experience with them, so we knew we'd be taken care of – and that we'd get good value for money at a tumultuous time."
- Hurst Butts

Hurst continued: “All of our previous furniture was Collins and we had a positive experience with them, so we knew we’d be taken care of - and that we’d get good value for money at a tumultuous time.”

The salon is split into two sections, with five stations on one side and 11 on the other. They’re separate sections but having cohesion throughout the salon was important to Hurst. The chairs couldn’t be bulky because all the stations are relatively close together. Hurst explained: “Essentially, we want clients, even though they are close together, to have their own space and don’t feel crowded. I think that would be a problem with bigger industrial designs.”

Let’s talk backwash units and color bars. The VolumeONE owner told us they have eight backwash units, all from Collins: “We have a U-shaped color bar with multiple seats for washing and treatments - they’re comfortable and clients can sit in the one area for their whole treatment without having to walk around with their hair foils in! Then we have the main styling section, so once they’re washed and rinsed, they can return to those areas for the cut.”

The VolumeOne aesthetic is high-class and sleek, so the chairs, cabinets and backwash stations all needed to have that vibe. Hurst explained: “Pensacola is a small town, so we wanted to bring the feel of a big city into the salon, so that customers feel transported to a trendy and cool place. We want the cosmopolitan feel, which is a unique selling point in our town!”

When you’re in a smaller location, you want to make sure men and women feel comfortable in the space. Hurst said: “We needed styling chairs that weren’t too ‘retro’ like barbershops and not too dainty like in some salons. Collins had the perfect mix of upscale and comfy products to really refine our look.”

At the end of the day the salon needs footfall. Hurst said: “There’s no pink neon signs, flowers, vines or anything quintessentially salon-y. And we don’t have the vintage kind of wooden aesthetic that a lot of barbershops like. We are neutral, sleek, modern and most of all: welcoming.

“We all know that salon chairs can get ripped and faded over time - and that torn look doesn’t really go with our aesthetic either. Having a chair that’s durable, comfortable, looks great and is the right size is an important part of our salon. And so, Collins’ reputation for being well-made and comfortable as well as stylish is why we defaulted to them again.”

How was the delivery process? “So to summarize: the chairs arrived in perfect condition; they were in good shape and worked perfectly. All the furniture was super easy to put together and were a good size and weight to move around easily.”

And communication? “The Collins team were easy to get a hold of when we had questions and made sure that someone was there to give us some guidance when setting up if we needed.

“It was a nice, kind of special moment that through all that chaos, we could quickly and easily get our salon back to its stunning self. Plus, simply getting our furniture in a timely fashion, shows that the Collins team cares about getting the products to their customers, even when things are tough on their end and ours!”

Find Collins’ entire range and some educational resources at Call them on 855 479 9600.

VolumeONE Salon is @volumeonesalon on Instagram.