Bringing Shaving Back: The Shaving Shop

Bringing Shaving back: The shaving shop

Written by BarberEVO

Founded in 2011 by Nicholas Finley and Justin Rosado, American Shave was created o fulfill a demand for more than just barber services in Sarasota, Florida. American Shave has been a space where clients can fulfill all their grooming needs in one place, while enjoying some rest and respite – in a Collins barber chair, no less.

Nick told us a little bit about how the idea of American Shave came to life. He said: "Justin and I have always been very passionate about men's grooming from a very young age. When I was 17 years old, I knew I wanted to be a barber and was fortunate enough to pusue my dream career. After I graduated from barber school, I opened a small barbershop in my hometown of Englewood, Florida. It was during that time I met Justin who was attending college for business. We spoke about barbering and how fast the men's grooming industry is growing."

"There was a demand for more than just barbering services. Men were wanting waxing, skin care, hand and foot, and massage services. This is when the American Shave concept was born, a one-step shop for everything men. We now have over 9,000 clients and offer a wide variety of barbering and spa services for the professional and blue-collar worker in a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. We essentially created a space for men to feel comfortable getting these services at a convenient and afforable price. American Shave is at the forefront of this growing demand, and we set the bar for how barbering will look in the future."

I aksed Nick why he wanted shaving to be a service at the forefront of his business. He said: "Shaving is what sets real barbershop from a typical saon. Back in the day, it was an art to be able to perform a shave, so bringing back that classic hot lather shace was important to us."

"We have a step-by-step procedure that includes both hot and cold towels infused with our essential oil blend. Our barbers are extensively trained using the best shaving products on the market. We have clients who thank us for bringing them back to early memories of what it was like to get an authentic shav."

Everything about American Shave was carefully curated to create the best experience for its clients including the interior. Nick explained: "We were inspired by a European design. A very clean modern shop, yet warm and with a distinctive atmosphere. We wanted to maintain a masculine, yet timeless design. This allows men to feel comfortable getting those additional services in a clean relaxing environment."  

“We spoi” our clients. Think about it, if you offer an experience they can't have elsewhere, why would they ever leave? This was the thought process when we chose the best the industry has to offer from Collins barber chairs, and pedicure chairs, to our custom Earth–lite massage tables. Prioritizing comfort is the most important aspect to provide the best expereince."

— Nick and Justin, Owners

Back in the day, Nick and Justin attended Premiere Orlando in search of the perfect chairs for their space. That's when they stumbled upon Collins. He said: "Right from the beginning, they were great to work with and even let us customize the chairs to our liking. Collins is on of the best in the industry and we wanted to make sure we had a reputable brand in our location."

When choosing the right chairs for the space, and for the services they offer (especially shaving) there are a few important details and qaulities to look for, explained Nick. He said: "We wanted large chairs that would last a lifetime. Although they may cost a bit more, you won't have to worry about maintenance and wear. We currently use custom matte black Collins Cobalt chairs. It was also important for us to have the footrest flip back so our clients can really stretch out and get a comfortable shave service. We also made sure to have directional lighting that doesn't shine directly on the clients when they're laid back for a shave. I'd say we thought this particular detail out pretty thoroughly. It's always in the details."

Nick's tip for finding the best chair for shaving: "1. Finding something that suits your aesthetic! Your chairs set your barbershop vibe. 2. Make sure the footrest flips back so the client can stretch out comfortably. 3. Be sure the chairs has a good headrest and enough cushion for ample support."