M & Co Salon Creating An Oasis

M & CO Salon Creating an Oasis

Written by SalonEVO

Chicago-based M & Co Salon is a davines exclusive hair salon based in Wheaton, just outside of Chicago. With plenty of plants and natural yet luxurious fittings and furnishings, M & Co is like a little oasis where clients can escape the city and get comfy in one their Collins salon chairs.

Owners Haley and Beth first established M & Co in 2014 to create a high-quality and comfortable space in their local Wheaton area. Having thrived in their cozy salon space for nearly a decade, the owners are now working on creating and expanding into a new and upgraded space.

I asked Beth to tell us a little but about their philosophy when it comes to M & Co. She said: “We like to keep things simple here and stick to all things hair. We find it simplifies a lot for us to only offer hair services in addition to basic facial waxing. Wwe have stylists that specialize in curly, blonding, extensions, men’s cutting, and everything in between.”

Words that you might use to describe M & Co are rustic, natural, warm, and welcoming. Beth said: “As you enter the salon, guests will continue to find a mixture of exposed brick, plants, and natural wood. We love combining different textures to give a warm and cozy environment. You will always be welcomed by smiling faces and good vibes.”

M & Co salon has featured Collins chairs for the past few years, and in their recent updates, they decided it was time to give their chairs and upgrade too!

“We decided to update our styling chairs recently and landed on Collins’ Lila All-Purpose Styling Chair. The chairs feature timeless black leather upholstery with modern-style arms. The option to have a black chair base was a must for the look we were going for.”

— Haley and Beth, Owners

For Haley and Beth, it is important that the salon feels welcoming and trendy at the same time. So, Beth explained: “Guests are welcome to relax in one of four seating areas with comfortable couches and chairs while they wait for their appointment. We also have two coffee bars and even a washhouse that is separate from the rest of the salon. Calming music and dim lighting help our clients relax while.”

Quality is key for Haley and Beth, from the furniture and fittings to the product ranges they use. Hotheads are M & Co’s extension brand of choice, and they also offer the Brazilian Blowout in-salon treatment. But for everything else, Davines is their go-to. Beth said: “Davines is our go-to line for all things color, lighting, styling products, and treatments. They are a company that offers many benefits for salon owners and stylists. Another great thing about them is that they are salon-exclusive and family-owned. Davines believes in sustainable beauty, which we value greatly; they are B-Corp certified. It goes with our earthy and plant-loving vibe!”

Beth’s advice for creating a cozy space for your clients? “Number one: have an amazing staff who will create a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Number two: lots of plants!”